Our mission is to provide the most cutting edge video marketing strategies and tactics that lead to growth in business and profitability.

Our business has three core services:

1. Video Marketing World Conference
2. VMW Inner Circle
3. One on One Coaching

No matter what level of video experience you are at, we can help.

Free Case Study Training

Here's What You Will Discover:

  • The "One Video Strategy" That Outperforms Any Other Old School Marketing Tactics
  • The Secret, Non-Techy Video Recording Hack That Allows You To Plan, Shoot And Edit Videos That Sell In 15 Minutes Or Less
  • The Untapped Automated Modern Traffic Strategy That Made $30,000 From Just 3 Hours Of Work




Video Marketing World Is For Business Owners

  • Video Marketing World is a 2 day video marketing event with a mission to provide business professionals and video creators the latest and greatest information, training and tools from our world class presenters from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Linkedin.
  • This conference is 100 percent dedicated to helping businesses and business minded people grow their following to turn it into profit. Not just get 'attention' and a bunch of views.
  • Video Marketing World is different from other conferences. We have a one room, one stage setting with 16 sessions over two days. We bring in the very best speakers and influencers in the industry to deliver the most up-to-date secrets you need to build a real business in 2020.



We offer three core services at Video Marketing World. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and education you and/or your staff needs to make intelligent decisions when it comes to content marketing. 

One-On-One Video Marketing Coaching

With one on one coaching we help you create a proven video marketing strategy and then walk with you side by side while you implement it. We cover everything from funnels to video creation. 

Video Marketing World Conference

Want the most up to date video marketing and social media growth tactics straight from the industry experts? Come to our annual live event and learn from the best in the business.

Learn The Same Video Strategies We've Used To Get Billions Of Views For Our Clients

After helping many business owners just like you, in all industries and in every category, get billions of views and generate millions of dollars online, we're confident to say we've cracked the 'Profit With Video' code. And it's not what you think.
  • It's not just about getting more 'eyeballs' and people tuning into your videos. That's just the first part of it.
  • It's not about getting expensive gear and shooting in beautiful places. In fact, simple always sells best.
  • It's not about living a luxury lifestyle, quite the opposite actually, people love videos that are relatable.
  • With our VMW services you'll learn everything you need to create simple videos that convert strangers into leads and customers so you can grow your business, not just your audience. 

What Other Business Owners Are Saying

Roger W.

"Before working with them, we had 117 subscribers and were struggling to make anything happen. Now just 9 months after starting we are rapidly approaching 6,000 subscribers and are getting over 64,000 views a month."
- The Expert Plumber

Denver M.

“I hit 1,000,000 subscribers and 130,000,000 total channel views in four years...YouTube is a learned skill and takes expertise and knowledge that only Scott was able to help me discover."
- That Denver Guy

Dr. Antonio B.

"I began working with them during my first year on YouTube when I had about 1500 subscribers. With their help, my grew to nearly 200k in one year. If you’re serious about growing your channel, this is the place"
- Ask Dr. Antonio

Are You Ready To Start Growing Your Business With Video?

If you're a business owner you know you need video marketing in order to succeed in todays marketplace. We've been able to get our clients BILLIONS of views and generate MILLIONS in revenue and now you're going to learn the exact same system so you can apply the same strategies in your business. Video marketing success is no longer a matter of 'hope', it's a science and you're getting the 'cheat-codes'.
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