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Scott Simson
CEO Video Marketing World

As a full-time content creator with almost 400,000 followers and CEO of Video Marketing World, Scott is recognized as an expert at video marketing and creating online communities. He is responsible for helping generate hundreds of millions of views and millions of dollars in revenue for his clients.
Scott has worked with big brands, such as, Amazon, HEB, Mattel, VTech and many others, and he has been featured in CBS Money Watch, San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News and the Boston Globe.

Here Are a Few Services We Offer:

  • One on one consulting tailor fit to your needs and goals. We develop a working strategy and walk side by side with you as you move forward. Based on an hourly or enterprise rate. 
  • Group training and DIY education. We teach you our systems, tips and strategies and you implement them. Get access to all of our training for a monthly or yearly rate. 
  • Done for you SEO, titling and thumbnail creation. We give you content ideas, ongoing consulting and handle all of your video uploading for a monthly fee. 

"130,000,000 Views And 1M Subs"

“I hit 1,000,000 subscribers and 65,000,000 total channel views in four years...YouTube is a learned skill and takes expertise and knowledge that only Scott was able to help me discover." - That Denver Guy
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